Hey, I'm Steve and my imagination fuels the epic adventure that I'm on and is allowing me to explore all sorts of creative directions which often end up at similar destinations.   


I'm currently based in Great Dunmow, Essex and work for a company called Ignition. I've got Enthusiasm for life and a love of helping people in any way I can. In my spare time I let anything on two wheels take me to places I've never seen. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and always like a problem to solve. As long as i've got a smile on my face and i'm left with a story to tell i'm in.



Photography, Videography & Graphic Design

Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Indesign, Illustrator

Vast imagination for creating ideas

Empowered by problem solving



Ignition, Graphic Designer - Present

NKD, Creative Designer 2011 – 2016

3MIL, Graphic Designer Intern 2010

Sunday Times, Graphic Designer Intern 2009



BA Graphic Design

Btec Media

Acedemy Class Premiere Pro 101 Yellow Belt


Worked With

BA, Tesco, ITV,  DHL, Christies, Andrew Barton, Outlaw



Always happy and willing to help out however you can, you never say no and never make a fuss - you are the most laid back designer I've ever met in my life!

You are fun, friendly, kind, caring - a genuinely nice guy with a really good heart

You are very talented in your areas of specialism and have a very creative eye for new ideas and concepts - would love to see inside your brain to see how it really works

– Helen


You have an incredible gift in that your brain works on a different level. You see in pictures and have an extraordinary ability to capture this in your photography, design work and film. The photography you did for BA has really lifted the whole creative and the filming you've done for HR looks fantastic – you've gone beyond just pointing a camera at people and you've told a story.

You are one of the most kind, giving people I know and you are always willing to help. You also dedicate your full attention and care to things which is a great attribute to have in the creative team. 

– Lisa

You bring a different perspective to the creative side of things with your eye for photography and film. Continue to bring your unique perspective on the world in this way as it adds great value to what we do at NKD.

You are intelligent and keen to learn. You are always asking how you can do things better and wanting to learn about yourself and learning in greater detail. The impact of this is greater insights that help make your creative work more unique, relevant and different.

– Andy


About you my gingerella… You’re such a good chat, I think everyone in the office likes to take a break on their work and have a conversation with you, and that’s good, it make us feel alive and more humans. It’s always nice asking your opinion on works because you are full of good ideas and always think outside the box… You’re not just a great designer but you also are an amazing photographer. You love learning with others, absorbing new styles and new techniques. You´re a really good team worker and I’ve never seen you leaving without asking if anyone needs your help. You have a good heart brother! 

– Ricardo

...need for member of the creative team to be involved in filming and creating the stunning short videos you have made, with each video you create I feel your skills are improving, your a great editor with a great eye for detail which I thinks one of your greatest assets, when I have the opportunity I do ask your opinion on something Ive created because you have this knack for spotting things that could work a little better or line up nicer.

– Alexander


I find you're amazing when it comes to the concepts stage of a project. You¹ve got great ideas and I love your boundless thinking

– Alessandro


You are a lovely person and it's a pleasure to have you around. You are always happy to help and always warm and friendly.

You are a really important member of the team. You are such a talented photograph. I think you've got an amazing eye and your compositions are really interesting. I think you've got a real talent.

– Marine